He Found His Home!


Lesson 5.4 He Found His Home!

1. Match the words to the pictures and make sentences.

In our village there are no modern houses.

 He Found His Home!

2. Make a puzzle with “oplala “. Let your partner guess it.

Last time I went to the city, I saw a pretty oplala. It was tall and historical. That oplala was shabby but very safe to be inside. I went inside it and saw the city from it. It was very beautiful. Where was I?

– Were you in the tower?

– Yes, I was.

3. Do you know these words?



Go round





Like the best

Fall asleep


4. Say where Benedict found a good nest. Use

the words from Task 3.

Benedict flew to the… and sat on the top of…

5. Read the end of the story and check your guess in Task 4.

Very soon he saw one more nice nest for himself. He flew there. It was on the top of a tall house. It was high and safe. Benedict liked it. He sat and fell asleep. It got windy and Benedict’s nest started to go round and round. “Oh, no!” he said and flew away. But the wind was so strong that Benedict didn’t fly, he fell down. He opened his eyes and saw his home, his brothers and sisters. He liked that nest the best.

(After Chris L. Demarest)

6. Read and choose the best answer.

1. Benedict flew to the

A) river;

B) bridge;

C) tower.

2. What did he do in his new nest:

A) Sat;

B) Slept;

C) Played.

3. What went round and round?

A) His new nest;

B) Brothers and sisters;

C) A strong wind.

4. Where did he fall down?

A) Into the river;

B) Into his old nest;

C) Into the box.

 He Found His Home!

7. Find 8 words in the word snake. Make up as many true sentences about Benedict as you can with these words.

 He Found His Home!

8. Write 7 sentences about Benedict using the words from Task 7.

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He Found His Home! - Англійська мова

He Found His Home!