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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, усного мовлення, уживання в мовленні граматичних структур і лексичних одиниць із теми, розвивати вміння послідовно висловлюватися іноземною мовою; розвивати мовну здогадку.


1. Warm-up Work in pairs.

Continue the following conversations.

1) – As for me, I like Literature.

– Can you explain why you like Literature?

– I like ___ because ___.

– I agree, I think ____ is useful because ____.

You may use the following words and phrases: to discuss; to learn by heart; to read creative works written by; foreign writers, poets; to give complete answers; to interested in literature

studying; creative tasks; to develop thinking.

2) – Are you going to take part in any extra-school activity?

– I hope so. I think I’ll join ___.

– Why ___?

– ___.

You may use the following words and phrases: sport activity; to go in for sports; singing in the choir; to play in the orchestra; to be inter­ested in; interesting; chess; wood carving; swimming; to be good for he>

2. Reading

Paul’s French Lesson (p. 157).

Before you read

Answer the questions.

1) Do you like studying foreign languages?

2) What other foreign languages do you study at school?

3) Have you got any difficulties in studying foreign languages?

4) Are you sure that studying foreign languages is very important nowadays? Why?

Look at these words and phrases. What do you think the text is go­ing to be about?

To come back from holiday

French teach new language




the text and see if you were right.

While you read

The words you need. Find these words in the text while you are reading.

– to feel ashamed – соромитись

– to waste – витрачати даремно

– to be able to – бути в змозі щось робити

– during the holidays – протягом канікул

– hero – герой

– to make use of – використовувати

– even – навіть

– hopefully – з надією

– so far – до цього часу

Which of these sentences are true?

1) Paul came back from school.

2) Paul came back from his holiday.

3) Dennis studied French during his holiday.

4) Dennis played ball during his holiday.

5) A teacher taught Paul French.

6) Paul learnt French twice a week.

7) Paul worked hard at his French.

8) Paul can make use of his new language.

9) Now Paul is able to write and read French.

10) Now Paul isn’t able to write and read French.

Say and write who said the following.

1) “I’ve learnt to speak French!”

2) “That’s what I like to hear!”

3) “He taught me every day”.

4) “That’s all I know so far”.

5) “Why don’t you make use of your French?”

6) “Will you teach me to count?”

7) “I lost about a pound in weight”.

After you read

Answer the questions.

1) Who came to see Dennis’s family?

2) Where did he come from?

3) What language has he learnt?

4) Why did Dennis feel ashamed?

5) What was Dennis’s parents’ opinion about his holiday?

6) Why did Dennis think that Paul was like a hero?

7) Who taught Paul French?

8) Why did Paul lose in weight?

9) Can Paul say anything in French?

10) Can he count in French?

11) What the only word has Paul learnt in French?

12) Why did Dennis’s parents start laughing?

Write this story. Put one of these words in each gap.

He holidayx2 was new make parents summer ashamed word French

Paul came back from his ___. He was very glad because ____ could speak French. A student spent ___ with him and taught him a ___ lan­guage. Dennis’s parents said it ___ good news so Dennis felt ____ because he had wasted his ______ playing the ball. Dennis’s mother proposed to ________ use of Paul’s French then and there. But Paul couldn’t say a ____. Every­thing he knew was the name “Jack” in _____. And he couldn’t understand why Dennis’s _____ started laughing.

And what do you think about it? Isn’t it funny?

3. Summary

Retell the story from the first person. Start like this: Once I came back from my holiday. There ______ .

4. Homework

Get ready with the next home reading (p. 158)

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