Lesson 1

Ex.3, p.6

1. Souvenirs;

2. Abroad;

3. Sightseeing.

Ex.4(b), p.6



A big city

Water skiing





A seaside resort


The beach








Visiting museums


Writing postcards




Ex.2(a), p.8

1. A workaholic;

2. A weirdo;

3. A bunch;

4. The bush;

5. binoculars.

Ex.2(b), p.8

1. Across;

2. Up;

3. Up.

Ex.4(a), p.9

1. Reasons for writing a letter;

2. My family;

3. My interests;

4. My best friend:

5. My plans for the weekend.

Ex.5, p.9

I am a person aged 15. My full name is Oksana. But surely nobody addresses me this way. They call me Ksiysha for short. I was born on the twenty-ninth of October 1996 to a family of a teacher and an engineer. I have a brother, 5 years my senior. I go to school but soon I’ll leave It and I’ll have to make a choice of my profession. I don’t know for sure yet what it is going to be. but I am dead euro that ray choice will be outdo according to my inclinations.

As far as my inclinations ore concerned. I am keen on reading in general and on reading science fiction in particular. I am mad about English. Everybody says

that I am a good mixer: I am easy to get on with. This makes me think that my profession may have something to do with people. I like people, people with ideas, interesting people. I hope that in future I’ll be lucky to meet good, kind, clover people in my life.

I am a very busy person: I go to school, so I have to do a lot of things-doing exercises, reading texts, cramming something by heart, doing sums, working In different studies and so on; I try to be a good daughter, I have to do some work about the house-cleaning, washing up cooking; I do my best to be a true friend, so I meet my friends as often as I can possibly manage, I try to give them a helping hand if they want it, we go to parties together or just for a walk once in a while.

The next thing I’ll tell you about my likes and dislike. I have already mentioned something shout what I like. Besides this I like traveling, especially by car: I enjoy walking In the forest, I am fond of drawing. What I dislike is quarrelling with people.

Lesson 3

Ex.1, p.10

1. Spelling;

2. Vocabulary;

3. Mother tongue;

4. Foreign language;

5. Grammar;

6. Pronunciation.

Ex.2(b), p.11

1. Tanya doesn’t like learning vocabulary.

2. Sophia doesn’t like coping pronunciation symbols.

3. Diego likes speaking.

4. Oksana doesn’t like listening.

5. Hans likes doing grammar exercises.

6. Yannick doesn’t like writing.

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