Is It a Good Idea?


Lesson 11.2 Is It a Good Idea?

1. Which is bigger? Smaller? Tastier?

А pumpkin is bigger than a mushroom.







2. Think of a vegetable. Say four sentences about it. Let your partner guess your vegetable.

 Is It a Good Idea?

3. Correct 6 mistakes.

Miss Mouse wantd to grow the biggest garden in Mouseville. She plant seeds all day long. The garden start to grow. All the neighbours liking it very much. The reporter comed to take pictures for the newspaper. Miss Mouse haved lots of different vegetables in her garden.

4. Do you know these words?



Wake up





them to their definitions.

A) high

B) it is on a bed; you sleep on it

C) happily

D) to put something over a table, wall or door

E) it is on a bed; you put your head on it

F) to stop sleeping

 Is It a Good Idea?


Grow – grew

Cover – covered

Find – found

Wake – woke

Put – put

Cry – cried

5. Put the parts of the story in the right order.

The first part is D.

A That garden was very big, and the plants were very tall. The postman put Miss Mouse’s letters on the pumpkin. Miss Mouse proudly said, “My garden is great! Right?”

В Carrots in the bathroom! Onion on a chair, and cabbage everywhere! “Oh, my goodness!” cried Miss Mouse. “My garden’s grown too much!”


Then one day she woke up and found five mushrooms on her sheet, ten cucumbers on her pillow, six peppers at her feet! There were tomatoes on the wall. There were pumpkins in the hall!

D The garden grew much bigger, and then it grew some more. It covered all the windows, it covered the front door!

(After Michaela Muntean)

6. Listen and answer the questions.

 Is It a Good Idea?

7. Toss the dice and say three true sentences about the picture.

A reporter came to Miss Mouse. He took some of her pictures. He liked the garden very much.

 Is It a Good Idea?

8. Read the puzzle and say who or what it is about.

It was neat and tidy. It had an address. It was in the village. Miss Mouse lived in it. There was a garden in front of it. The reporter and the postman came to it.

Write your puzzle.

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Is It a Good Idea?