Learn to talk about your most unforgettable travelling experience

Unit 7 Travelling

7.4 Learn to talk about your most unforgettable travelling experience

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To impress ruins

– to try something new

– to make new friends

– to have the time of one’s life

– to be famous for something

– to take walks in the open

And not only that.

That’s just it!

That’s settled then.

Finally… .

Look and say why children like to travel.

To try something new to make new friends

To visit historical places to have an unforgettable holiday

E x a m p l e: I like to travel and to try something new.

Listen and repeat. Say why travelling may be exciting.

– Travelling is exciting, isn’t


– It sure is. It’s amazing to visit different cities and learn new interesting things.

/η / travelling, exciting, amazing, interesting, things

/і/ is, it, isn’t, visit, different, cities

Look, match and say what may impress travellers (p. 164).

E x a m p l e: Attractions of different cities may impress travellers.

Lawns with beautiful flowers;

Lakes with rare swans;

Ruins of ancient cities;

Attractions of different cities.

Think and say: What holiday can be called ‘unforgettable’; What impressed you in your most memorable holidays; Why you enjoy travelling.

E x a m p l e: I think an unforgettable holiday is the holiday that you can’t forget. I enjoy travelling and learn a lot of new things. I like to see the different sights of big cities and small towns…

Listen and role-play.


Olha: I say, friends, the holidays are coming. What are we going to do?

Taras: So, travelling, of course.

Olha: Travelling?

Where to?

Taras: Well, I like to take walks out in the open.

Andrew: Me, too. I enjoy being outdoors. Do you remember our holiday in to the Carpathian Mountains last year? While I was climbing, I lost my shoe. Oksana: And when I was taking pictures, a donkey came close to me and chewed my skirt.

Taras: And not only that. We nearly got lost when we were examining the ruins of the old fortress.

Olha: A lot to remember.

Taras: That’s just it. It was the most unforgettable holiday of my life.

Oksana: It was summer then. These spring holidays are too short. Maybe we should ask our teacher to take us to Kyiv for a sightseeing tour.

Andrew: Great! I’ve never been to the capital of Ukraine.

But my sister visited it on her winter holidays. She was thrilled to see all its attractions.


While I Was climbing, I lost my shoe.

– And when I was taking pictures, a donkey came close to me and chewed my skirt.

– We nearly got lost When we were examining the ruins of the old fortress.

Let’s play a ‘completion grammar’ game.

Example: While I was sleeping, the alarm clock beeped and woke me up.

_____When I was having breakfast, _________________ .

2.______ , my friend brought me some photos.

While we were talking,____________________________ .

4 ._____________________ , my parents finished their job .

When we were discussing our plans,__________________ . ______________ , my dad bought tickets for a bus trip. Look and say what happened to the children while they were travelling (p. 165-166).

E x a m p l e: When we were sitting near the fire, it began to rain.

Talk with your friend about the most unforgettable travelling.

On your Own. Describe your travelling adventure in 8-9 sentences.

E x a m p l e: Last summer my classmates and I travelled to the Carpathian Mountains. When one boy was climbing the mountains, he lost his shoe.

Read Oksana’s article to her school newspaper and say what impressed the girl during her summer holiday.


Last summer our English teacher took us for a one week tour of England. It was a really fantastic trip.

The first place we stopped at was London, the capital of England. The city is famous for its ancient traditions.

Here we enjoyed watching the Changing of the Guard near the Queen’s Palace and we ate a favourite dish of many English children – fish and chips. One thing I’ll never forget is the view of the capital from the London Eye. London seemed so beautiful and absolutely magnificent! It was really breathtaking.

The next day we went to Hyde Park. The place is very exciting and has some famous attractions like a big lake with white swans and green lawns with beautiful flowerbeds. While we were walking in Hyde Park, we met some children from Australia. We were glad to speak English with them and understood each other well.

We also went to a small town not far from London. There is an English school for children all over the world there. Surprisingly, we met the children who we were talking to in Hyde Park. It was an unforgettable time, when we all presented our countries. My friends and I sang Ukrainian songs and danced the Hopak. The children liked our national dance so much that they asked us to teach them. By the end of the party our Hopak became an international dance. Isn’t it great? So, learn English and then go to Britain and have the time of your life.

Read and correct the mistakes. Oksana had a trip to Manchester. She saw the Changing of the Guards near the Queen’s Palace. Oksana went to the British museum on the second day of the tour. In Hyde Park Ukrainian children met children from Canada. In the English school the Ukrainian children presented Britain. Oksana and her friends taught their international friends to sing Ukrainian songs. Act as Oksana and describe her unforgettable summer holiday.

To be famous for something;

To enjoy something;

To be breathtaking;

To make new friends;


To have the time of one’s life.

Talk about your most unforgettable travel. Use:

Once… . It was a really… .The first place we stopped at…is famous for its… . Here I… . One thing I’ll never forget is… .

The next day on my travelling… Finally… .

Write a short article to your class newspaper about the most memorable holiday in your life. Use the title and the questions.


Do it Yourself! Make a page for your class book “We are Travellers”

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Learn to talk about your most unforgettable travelling experience - Англійська мова

Learn to talk about your most unforgettable travelling experience