Lesson 1. Entertain yourself


Lesson 1. Entertain yourself


Ex. 1, p. 138

1. a thriller

2. a action

3. a cartoon

4. a science fiction

5. a comedy

6. s musical

7. a historical film

8. a horror film

Ex. 2, p. 139

1. A comedy – a funny humorous film

2. A science fiction film – a film about events in the future

3. A horror film – a frightening film with vampires for example

4. A thriller – a an exciting film about crime and violence

5. A cartoon – a film made by photographing some series of drawing

6. A historical film – a film about people and events in the past.

7. A musical – a film with a lot of singing and dancing.

8. An action film – a film with a lot of exciting events and adventures.

Ex. 7, p. 139

I’d like to speak about the film called

“Ice Age” (2002). The director of the film is Chris Wedge.

I think it is a historical film though it has some elements of the comedy.

We found ourselves to the prehistoric age, when people can’t speak. The Earth is ruling by the Mammoths. At then time appears the danger of Ice Age.

People in this film use pictures to communicate with each other.

The end of the story is very sentimental. Friends bring the baby to his father and go back.

The film is full of humor. The main humor person is squirrel, but it has no communication with the main plot of the film. It makes a lot of funny situations. I think that this film is a real masterpiece of computer graphics and parents must see it with children.


Ex. 1, p. 142

1. March of the Penguins

2. Spider-man

3. High school Musical

4. Wall-E

5. Wall-E

6. Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead ma’s Chest

Ex. 4, p. 145

1. which

2. where

3. who

4. where, where

5. where

6. which




Ex. 1, p. 146

1. yourself

2. yourself

3. herself

4. themselves

5. ourselves

6. herself

7. himself

8. herself

9. ourselves

Ex. 2, p. 147

1. herself

2. himself

3. herself

4. himself

5. herself

6. myself

7. themselves

8. himself

9. herself

10. yourself

Ex. 3, p. 147

1. She always cooks herself.

2. She often makes cakes herself.

3. Billy likes repairing his car himself.

4. My grandparents usually do gardening themselves.

5. Miranda loves sewing herself.

6. The children enjoy washing their dog themselves.

7. They like to do the washing up themselves.

Ex. 1, p. 149

1. London is famous for William Shakespeare.

2. A famous theatre where only the Shakespeare’s plays are staged.

3. An open air wooden theatre.

4. In 1997.

5. It burnt down hundreds years ago.

6. It was very noisy.

7. The audience throws rotten fruit at bad actors nowadays.

8. A programme.

Ex. 2, p. 149

1. famous

2. comedies

3. acted

4. audience

5. stage

6. actors


P. 152

My favorite film is “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. It is based on the novel of J. K. Rolling. This is the first part of the book series about the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter. The story is about the boy Harry. He lives with his uncle and aunt, who don’t love him. His parents died in a car accident and he is an orphan. But on his 11th birthday, he learns that he is the magician and is invited to study at Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Harry learns that he was also cursed by the evil wizard, but he survived. At school he finds his true friends, learns magic and goes through various adventures. Harry learns about his devious plan to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, which gives immortality. The young wizard is eager to stop him. With the help of his friends, he manages to break the plans of VoldeMort. The film is fantastic. The actors are brilliant and the special effects are absolutely stunning.

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Lesson 1. Entertain yourself - ГДЗ з англійської

Lesson 1. Entertain yourself