Lesson 13


Lesson 13

Модальне дієслово may як і can, вживається для вираження:

А) можливості виконати дію; б) прохання дозволу


A) You may go there by car. – Ви можете поїхати туди автомобілем

B) May I use your phone? – Можна мені скористатися вашим телефоном?

Заперечну форму утворюємо за допомогою частки not, яку ставимо після mау.

Наприклад: You may not use ту phone. – Ти не можеш скористатися моїм телефоном.

Щоб утворити питальну форму потрібно mау поставити перед підметом.

Наприклад – May і read? – Можна мені читати?

Yes, you may / No, you may not. –

Так, можна / Hi, не можна

1. Make up seven questions and seven sentences from each table.









Ask your neighbour a question?

Use your pen?

Go home?

See him today?

Try on the skirt/shirt in the fitting room?

Visit them after school?

Go to the cinema?

Buy this nice dress?









Go there tomorrow.

Come on Saturday.

Tell him about you.

Use his computer.

Take a bus go on foot.

Wear the latest styles.

Watch a TV set.

Ask him more questions.

2. Head Ann’s letter about her sister, brother and two cousins.

 Lesson 13

3. Маke up true sentences about Ann and the

members of her family.


Ann’s sister

Ann’s brother

Ann’s cousins

Ann’s parents


To play the guitar.

Going camping.

To visit relatives.

To go hiking or fishing.

Going to the cinema or theatre.

Dancing and travelling.

Taking photographs.

4. Look at the pictures and tell about Ann’s sister, brother and two cousins.

 Lesson 13

 Lesson 13

The Past Simple Tense

Утворення II форма дієслова

Допоміжне дієслово did

5. Write three forms of the verbs.

Model: to help – helped – helped

To help

To work

To play

To dress

To go

To open

To watch

To look

To wash

To buy

6. Tell what your parents did on Sunday and on Thursday.

7. Make the sentences negative. Read them to class.

Model: I did not do my lessons in the kitchen.

1. I did my lessons in the kitchen on Monday.

2. I got up at 6 a. m on Sunday

3. My mother opened the window in the morning yesterday.

4. We lived in the cottage 2003.

5. He did his morning exercises on Thursday.

6. I washed my hands and face in the evening yesterday.

7. The children played snowballs yesterday.

8. On Tuesday my lessons began at 5 a. m.

9. They spent their summer holidays in Poland.

10. l bought a book.

8. Look at the pictures and write down what happened. Use the words and word combinations from the box.

Tram, gym, field and track athletics, win the competition, award the winners

 Lesson 13

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Lesson 13 - Англійська мова

Lesson 13