Lesson 18


 Lesson 18

Lesson 18

1. Look at the pictures and remember the words.

 Lesson 18

2. Name the odd word out in each line.

1. potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, meat, red cabbage, peas

2. chicken, beef, pork, fruit, mutton, white meat

3. strawberries, peach, rasberries, blackberries

4. cucumber, spinach, grapes carrot beetroot. Brussels sprout

3. Look at the pictures and words (exercises 1 and 2) and say what you like and what you don’t like.

Model: I like grapes, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes and chicken, but I don’t like bananas, oranges, lettuce and beef.

4. Ask your classmate what he/she eats every day, twice a week, on special occasions, never. Report the information to class.

Model: 1. Which fruit do you eat every day?

2. Which vegetables do you eat twice a week?

3. Which meat do you eat on special occasions?

5. Look at the pictures and words in exercise 1 and 2. Offer your classmate some things.

Model: Nick Olia, have some grapes.

Olya: No, thanks, but can I have some bananas, please?

Nick: Of course you can. Here you are.

6. Look at the pictures and match t he sentences to them.

A) Can you play with me? – No, sorry. I must do my homework,

B) May I play on your computer? – No, you can’t, It’s nine thirty. You must go to bed.

C) You must brush your teeth and wash your face and hands every morning

 Lesson 18

7. Find on the Internet one quotation about food. Explain it. In your own words.

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Lesson 18 - Англійська мова

Lesson 18