My Studies at School. Linking Words and Phrases

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Тема. My Studies at School. Linking Words and Phrases

Мета: активізувати й закріпити тематичні ЛО; вдосконалювати навички читання, усного та писемного мовлення; практикувати учнів у ММ та ДМ за проблемними ситуаціями; навчати систематизувати одержану інформацію; розвивати логічне й аналітичне мислення.


I. Організація класу. Привітання

II. Підготовка до іноземного мовлення

Фонетична й мовленнєва зарядка.

III. Основна частина уроку

A) Ех. 8, р. 37 – Speak in class. Talk about your school rules and studies.

What things make your school life exciting?

B) Ex. 5, p. 36 – Read and complete the sentences with the word combinations from the list. Use the verbs the correct tense form: combines work and leisure

– to enrich knowledge of

– happens

– were discussing

– to cope with

– gets on well

– got good knowledge

– are understanding and sympathetic

C) Writing lab: linking words and phrases:

We use linking words and phrases in a composition to make our writing more interesting and easier to the reader.

Linking words and phrases are used to:

– show time: when, before, as soon as;

– list points: firstly, secondly, etc.;

– add more points: and, moreover, also, etc.;

– show cause or effect: because, so, as a result, etc.;

– give examples: for example, such as, etc.;

– show contrast: however, on the one hand, on the other hand, etc.;

– introduce a conclusion: all in all, to sum up, etc.

D) Ex.

6, p. 37 – Look through the text of Ex. 2, p. 34 and find linking words and phrases and say why they are used there.

E) Ex. 7, p. 37 – Work in groups, Discuss the thing that you like / don’t like about going to school. Take notes. Think of:

School rules – school traditions – clothes to wear – people – a school building

F) Some additional expressions to be learnt at home:

– For that blur in your copy-book I shall reduce the mark.

– Is this word in common use?

– Excuse me, I didn’t catch the beginning of the sentence.

– I am afraid I can’t reproduce from memory this bit of the text.

– Every notional word in the title should be capitalized.

– What reason do you give for your choice?

IV. Завершальна частина уроку

Домашнє завдання

Ех. 9, р. 37.

Підсумки уроку

Учитель підбиває підсумки уроку й оцінює роботу учнів.

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My Studies at School. Linking Words and Phrases - Плани-конспекти уроків по англійській мові

My Studies at School. Linking Words and Phrases