Lesson 1

Ex. 2, p. 24

1. School. 2. Write. 3. Do sums, Wednesday. 4. Sing a song. 5. To jump and run, Sunday.

Ex. 5, p. 25


The Present Indefinite (Simple) Tenst

Випадки вживання:

1. Загальновідомі факти та істини.

2. Повсякденні дії, що повторюються.

Відмінювання дієслова to work (працювати) у Present Indefinite Tense

(дія, яка відбувається звичайно):

I work

It does not work

He works

We do not work

She works

I do not work

It works

He does not work

We work


does not work

You work

You do not work

They work

They do not work

Do I work?

Yes, I do

No, I don’t

Does he work?

Yes, he does

No, he doesn’t

Does she work?

Yes, she does

No, she doesn’t

Does it work

Yes, it does

No, it doesn’t

Do we work?

Yes, we do

No, we don’t

Do you work?

Yes, you do

No, you don’t

Do they work

Yes, they do

No, they don’t

I usually go to school five days a week. I usually learn poems on Monday. I often do sums on Tuesday. I speak English every day. I sometimes do sports

and dance on Wednesday and Friday. I read books on Saturday and Sunday.

Lesson 2

Ex. 2, p. 26

1. Bag; 2. A pen; 3. Pencils; 4. A ruler; 5. A rubber; 6. A pen, cil-case; 7. Textbooks; 8. Exercise-books.

Lesson 3

Ex. 4, p 29

1. T; 2. F; 3. T; 4. F,

Lesson 4

Ex. 2, p. 30

1. B; 2. C; 3. A; 4. C.

Ex. 5, p. 31

My favourite Lesson is Sports, We run, jump and play games at the Lesson. Our teacher teaches us to play volleyball and other games. I like my Sport Lesson.

Lesson 5


Вживання this-these, that-those

This вживається у однині і означає це, цей, ця (предмет, який знаходиться поблизу), форма множини – these (ці).

That вживається у однині і означає той, та, те (предмет, який знаходиться далеко), форма множини – those (ті). Приклад: This is a duck. – These are ducks. That is a duck. – Those are ducks.

Ex. 2, p. 32

1. Bookcases. 2. Is, are. 3. These, doors. 4. These, chairs. 5. This is, blackboards. 6. This, are tables,

Ex. 5, p. 33

This is a blackboard. These are desks. These are windows. These are chairs. These are pictures.

Lesson 6

Ex. 2, p. 34

1. F; 2. T; 3. F; 4. T; 5. F.

Ex. 5, p. 35

This is my classroom. It is big. There are four windows and ten desks in it. There is a teacher’s table near the blackboard. There is a computer near the window. You can see a map and pictures on the wall.

Lesson 7

Ex. 3, p. 37

1. B; 2. С; 3. C; 4. A.

Ex. 5, p. 37

I usually play football after the Lessons. I often ride a bike and play the piano. At weekends I go to the park. I like to run and jump with my friends.

Lesson 8

Ex. 2, p. 38

1. Read the Texts, listen to the teacher, do sums. 2. Ride a bike, do sports. 3. Watch TV.

Ex. 3, p. 38

1. This; 2. Those; 3. These, they; 4. That, it; 5. Those; 6. This, it.

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