A) Press

Ex. 2, p. 48

A) 6

B) 4

C) 9

D) 3

E) 2

F) 10

G) 8

H) 5

Ex. 7. p. 50

1) E

2) L

3) F

4) A

5) C

6) B

7) O

8) N

Ex. 10, p. 52


1. The US daily newspapers are published in 34 different languages.

2. There are two kinds of national press in the USA: quality and popular.

3. US newspapers of international excellence are: “The Washington Post”, “The New York Times”, “The Los Angles Times”, “The Christian Science Monitor”, “The Sun’s”, etc.

Ex. 12, p. 52

To my opinion the fallowing things must be well-advertised in any newspaper:

1) what is new;

2) what is dramatic;

3) what is unique and curious;


what is humorous.

The information mustn’t shock good taste.

Ex. 14, p. 53

Iran Says It Has H>

Iran said Monday it has frozen all uranium enrichment programs, weakening a U. S. effort to refer Tehran’s suspect nuclear activities to the U. N. Security Council. President Bush said he hoped the statement is true but “there must be verification”.

Bush Calls for Verifying Iran Nuke Claims

(AP) – President Bush said Monday that he hopes Iran’s claim that it has suspended uranium enrichment and has no nuclear weapons ambitions is true, but “there must he verification”. Iran must “earn the trust of those of us who are worried about them developing a nuclear weapon”, Bush said at a seaside news conference during a four-hour visit with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Ex. 15, p. 53

1. In Britain there are no official government newspapers.

2. The English newspapers are very proud of their peculiarities, their individual styles.

3. The English newspapers can be classified

into two main groups: quality and popular newspapers.

4. Quality newspapers are serious, national, daily newspapers, appealing mainly to the upper and middle classes.

5. All popular newspapers are not so serious as quality ones and their stories tend to be sensational.

Ex. 18, p. 55

The right personality for a good journalist must be a person free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know. Journalist must show respect for the dignity, privacy, rights, and well-being of people encountered in the course of gathering and presenting the news.

Journalist should have the right to speak unpopular opinion and the privilege to agree with the majority.

Ex. 19, p. 55

1. …the current situation in Iraq.

2. – Sadam Hussein is up the trial.

3. …7; state pension, rise in wages, social payments.

4. …new family of processors for Pentium.

5. …5; 12; 11; 13.

6. …the sale of Yuganskneftegas Company; 2004 Olympic Games in Greece.

7- …the cruelty of those who kill animal in wild.

8. …any products and everything you can imagine.

9. …new computer technologies;

10. anxious to buy anewer computer.

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