– They Are Friends

– Ordinary Family

Pre-reading questions

Have you got a nickname?

What does your e-mail friend look like?

What are your friends hobbies and interests?

Who is the most helpful in your family?

Have you got cousins?

How often do you meet your relatives?



1 a) Listen and read, then name Cathy’s and Mike’s best friends.


These two children are Cathy and Mike. They are neighbours. They are also very good friends. Cathy and Mike are not in the same class, but every day they go to school together.


Mike: Hi! My name is Michael, or Mike for short. My parents call me Mickey, but I’m not a baby. I am 11 years old and I am in the sixth form this year. I think I am friendly and helpful.

Cathy: Hello!

I am Cathy. My surname is Roberts. I’m 10, but my birthday is in November, so you may say I’m almost 11. My friends say I’m hard-working, but I’m a bit lazy sometimes.

Mike: Computer games are my hobby. Actually, I am in front of my computer about 3 hours a day. My parents are angry, I don’t see why! Like every other kid, I have got a lot of friends. My best friend, Pete, is in my class. He has got a lot of computer games. We are very similar. We are both interested in sports, and we are not crazy about school.

Cathy: My best friend is Linda. She hasn’t got a sister, so we are like sisters. We have got the same hobby – we collect stickers. I’ve got three full albums. But that’s not all. I am a member of a karate club and I am good at dancing, too. Dancing is my favourite free-time activity.

B) Read again and name who says…

1 I’m in the sixth form this year. Mike

2 My surname is Roberts. …

3 My birthday is in November. …

4 I am not an only child. …

5 My brother is

a real pain in the neck. …

6 I have got a lot of cuddly animals. …

7 We have got a pet. …

8 Computer games are my hobby. …

9 Dancing is my favourite free-time activity. …

10 My best friend is in my class. …

2 Ask and answer in pairs.


Who is 11 years old?

Who is a bit lazy sometimes?

Who has got a lot of relatives around the world? Who hasn’t got a pet?

Who isn’t crazy about school?

Who is a member of a karate club?


Who is 10 years old?

Who is friendly and helpful?

Who has got a big sister and a little brother? Who has got 3 albums full of stickers?

Who is in front of the computer 3 hours a day? Who is good at dancing?

3 Match the words.



4 Make true sentences.

Mike isn’t crazy about…

Mike and his best friend Pete are interested in… Cathy is good at…

Cathy’s sister Amy isn’t bad at…





5 Talk about your interests and abilities in a group.



1 Listen and say who is talking about…



… detective stories

… piano classes

… a nickname

…a karate club

…a favourite colour

… skateboarding

… comics

2 Read and choose the correct words.

This is Linda. She is Cathy’s best friend.


Hi! My name (is/has got) Peter, but all my friends call me Pete.

I (has got/have) got a nickname, too. It (is/are) 007 because I (am/ is) crazy about detective and spy stories. My favourite spy (are/is) James Bond. I also like reading comics. My favourite comic (is/has got) “Inspector J”.

Like a real detective, I (got/have got) a member of a karate club, too. I has (got/have got) a green belt already But my favourite free-time activity (are/is) skateboarding.

I (have got/am) two cousins in America. They (is/are) twins. They (hasn’t got/haven’t got) any other brothers or sisters. They (are/isn’t) from Los Angeles. Disneyland (is/am) near Los Angeles. It (are/is) an amusement park and I would like to go there.

Hi! I (am/is) Linda. I (am/have got) Cathy’s best friend. We (am/are) in the same class, but we (aren’t/isn’t) neighbours.

I play the piano and my piano classes (are/have got) three times a week. I (has got/have got) a big piano in my room. I share my room with my brother. We (have got/are) bunk beds1. I (am/are) on the top bed and he (have/has got) the bottom2 bed. Jack (is/has got) older and he always says, “You girls (is/are) stupid!” But I think that he (is/am) in love with Lizzy – his ‘friend’!

I (am/is) a girl, but my favourite colour (aren’t/isn’t) pink. It (is/am) blue.

I (are/am) interested in dancing, but I (hasn’t got/haven’t got) much time for it. I (are/am) really bad at sport. So what!

This is Pete.

He is Mike’s best friend

1a bunk bed – двоповерхове ліжко

2bottom – (тут) нижній

3 Answer with full sentences.


1 What has Linda got in her room?

2 Who is Linda’s brother?

3 Who has got the bottom bed?

4 What is Linda’s favourite colour?

5 What is Linda bad at?


1 What is Pete’s full name?

2 What is his nickname?

3 What is Pete’s favourite free-time activity?

4 How many cousins in America has he got?

5 Where is Disneyland?

4 Listen to the song and complete it with the missing words. Use:

Is thinking, sits, plays, isn’t having


When Ben comes home from school,

He does the same thing every day.

He… at his computer

And starts to play.

He… games, he surfs the Net.

He isn’t bored, you can bet.


But today there’s

Something wrong

And he doesn’t know what to do.

His computer isn’t working

And he… what to do.

He’s trying to read, sing and run,

But he sure… much fun.

Every day’s the same for Ben,

But today there’s something new.

His computer isn’t working

And he doesn’t know what to do.


1 Read the information about Rick and do the tasks below.

Rick Graham (12 years old)

Address: 14 Grove St., Camden

Favourite food: his mum’s roast beef

Doesn’t like: homework

Favourite sports: basketball, skating

Hobbies: metalwork in the school workshop

Friends: two boys from his school

Girlfriend: No one


A) Complete the sentences about Rick. Use the Present Simple of the verbs from the box.

Go, live, like, have, do

1 Where… Rick’s family…? His family… in Camden.

2 … he… to school in his town? No, he… to a boarding school in another town.

3 Which sports… he…? He… basketball and skating.

4 What… he… in the school workshop? Metalwork.

5 … his friends… to his school? Yes, they… to his school.

6 What… he… to eat? His mum’s roast beef.

7 What… he…? He… homework.

8 … he… money? Yes, he does. His piggy bank is full.

9 … he… on dates? No, he hasn’t got a girlfriend yet.


Questions can start with WHAT, WHICH,


B) Complete with Present Simple of the verbs in brackets.

During the school year, Rick… (not, live) at home. He… (go) to a boarding school in another town. He… (like) basketball and skating. He… (not, care) for any other sport. In his free time he… (do) metalwork in the school workshop. His two best friends… (go) to the same school. When he… (come) home for the holidays he… (love) to eat his mum’s roast beef. He… (not, like) homework. He… (not, spend) all his pocket money. He… (save) some of it. Rick… (not, go) on dates because he hasn’t got a girlfriend.

2 Read and compare.

Present Simple

– every day, every week, on Saturdays, once a year, twice a month, usually, always, often, sometimes, never

Jill’s dad usually repairs furniture in the house.

Jill sometimes helps him.

Jill’s mum cleans the kitchen once a week.

They sometimes play chess in the evening.

Present Continuous

– now, at the moment, at present

Jill’s mum is talking on the phone (at the moment).

She is cooking soup (now).

We are going to the concert (these days).

Read § 1, page 206;

§ 4, page 207.


– We usually use Present Simple

And not Present Continuous for these verbs: feel, see, hear, like, love, hate, want, think, believe, understand, remember, forget, need.

3 Choose the correct tense form.

1 I (am not believing / don’t believe) this. It’s a lie1.

2 Jill (wants /is wanting) a new computer.

3 I (am seeing / see) a boat in the distance.

4 I (am thinking / think) this is true.

5 We (love / are loving) jazz dance.

6 No one (remembers / is remembering) that man.

7 No, we (aren’t hating / don’t hate) maths.

8 Jack (doesn’t need/isn’t needing) help with his homework.

4 Fill in the blanks with a), b) or c).

1 … do you live?-In the city.

A) What b) When c) Where

2 … room is this? – It’s Mary’s.

A) Who b) What c) Whose

3 … you show us your new flat? – Sure, I can.

A) Can b) Do c) Are

4 … he like to live in the country? – I think, he does.

A) Do b) Is c) Does

5 … does it look like? – Oh, it’s very big!

A) Who b) What c) How

5 Choose the correct answer.


1 Listen! Someone… the piano in the house.

A) play b) plays c) is playing

2 What… you usually… at weekends?

A) are…doing b) do…do c) is…doing

1 lie |lai| – брехня

3 Sorry, I can’t go to the cinema with you. I… my room right now.

A) painting b) paint c) am painting

4 Where… he…? In Paris.

A) do…live b) does…lives c) does…live

5 … you… , Jill? This is very important, you know.

A) are…listening b) do…listen c) does…listen


1 No one… . They are all asleep in their beds. a) works b) is working c) working

2 We always… Sunday lunch at 1 p. m. a) to eat b) eat c) are eating

3 It’s 7 p. m. and everyone… a game show on TV. a) watches b) watching c) is watching

4 Jack… pizza.

A) not like b) doesn’t like c) don’t like

5 Jack’s neighbours… ready for a party. The party is tomorrow.

A) are getting b) get c) getting

6 Complete the paragraph with Present Simple or Present Continuous.

It’s 8 p. m. Jack is at home. He… (watch) a pop concert on TV. He usually… (do) his homework at this time of day. His mum… (wash) her hair in the bathroom. And his dad? He… (not, like) spending the evening indoors because he… (work) in an air-conditioned office all day. He… (jog) in the nearby park. He usually… (wear) only his track suit. This evening he… (wear) a windbreaker because it… (be) cold and the wind… (blow).

7 Write the sentences in Present Simple or Present Continuous.


1 Jill / always / leave the house / at 8.15 / in the morning

2 Jack and Jill / not go to school / by bus

3 Jill / eat ham and eggs / for breakfast / this morning

4 Jack’s dad / work / in the basement / this evening

5 Jack’s grandpa / often / go for a walk / on Sundays


1 I / not study / for the English test / at the moment

2 We / usually / prepare / for tests

3 Our teachers / give / tests / every week

4 We У do / a test / tomorrow

5 A new history teacher / come / next week


1 Say 5 things about Mike, Cathy, Linda and Pete.

2 Do the mini-project.

1 Think of DO YOU LIKE – questions for your teacher.

2 Write each one on a piece of paper.

3 Put the questions in a paper bag.

4 Let the teacher pull questions from the bag and answer them.

Do you like spinach?

Do you like cats?

Do you like pop music.

Do you like chewing gum.

3 Do the following in pairs.

1 Think of ten WH-questions for your partner.

2 Write each one on a piece of paper.

3 Put the questions in a paper bag.

4 Let the partner pull questions from the bag and answer them.

5 Take turns.


4 Do the questionnaire. Answer the questions with Yes, I do’, ‘No, I don’t’ or ‘Sometimes’.


1 Do you spend much time with friends?

2 Do you invite friends home?

3 Do you share your chocolate bars or packets of chewing gum?

4 Do you try to be nice to other people?

5 Do you greet friends in the street?

6 Do you get more than three phone calls a day?

7 Do you get postcards from friends in summer?

8 Do you invite friends to your birthday parties?


– If you have more than six YES-answers – you are popular with a lot of friends. But you can’t always have friends around you. Do you know how to be alone?

– If most of your answers are SOMETIMES, you probably have a friend or two and that is enough for you. You don’t care for1 big crowds.

– If you have more than six NO-answers – you are probably feeling lonely. Try to share something with friends – chewing gum, hobbies, ideas, dreams.

5 Talk about yourself.

6 Talk about your friend.

1not to care (for) – бути байду;


I am eleven years old.

I’ve got a brother.

I’m not hard-working.

I haven’t got a pet.

My best friend is in my class.

My parents are funny.

My new teachers aren’t strict.

My favourite colour is red. I’m good at skateboarding.

I’m ten years old.

I’ve got a sister.

I’m not lazy.

I haven’t got my own room.

My hobby is playing computer games.

My aunt and unde are from America.

My friends aren’t boring.

I am interested in sports.

I am bad at singing.

2 Write at least 10 sentences about yourself, your family and friends.

I am….

My sister… has got…

I have got…

My best friend… hasn’t got…

My sister is…

My brother isn’t…

My new teachers are…

My parent’s aren’t…

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