Unit 1. Revision

Unit 1. Revision

Lesson 1






4 hours




10 hours




13 hours




7 days




30 hours




21 hours

B) I think Megan travelled the farthest. Because, she travelled by plane and her trip took 13 hours.

Ali travelled the shortest. His trip took 4 hours. Ali travelled the closest.


trip took seven days. He travelled the longest.

It seems to me that Lin’s trip was the most comfortable. Ron travelled the most exciting.


My summer holidays were very exciting and unforgettable. In June, I went to the children’s camp. There I met many new friends. We played football and swam in the river. The camp was really great. In July, I went to the sea with my parents and sister. We swam and sunbathed all fortnight. It was boring when the weather was rainy, but I read an interesting book those days. In August, I went to my grandmother in the village. I helped her in the garden. My summer holidays were wonderful and fun, but very short.


1) I think the story was told by the fan of Harry Potter, who lives in England. This person was very pleased telling about it and they traveled by train to Paris.

2) No, I didn’t.

3) I would like to meet Jennifer Lopez because she’s a world famous singer and actress.

4) I would like to ask about her life and career. In addition, I would like to

ask how she spends her free time.


1) Sociable, easy-going, tolerant, active, adventurous, emotional, friendly, lazy, nervous, tidy.

2) Disciplined, sociable, generous, honest, talkative, tolerant, polite, optimistic, emotional, friendly, hardworking, tidy.

3) Serious, disciplined, reliable, energetic, polite, aggressive, active, clever, emotional, friendly, brave, hard-working, responsible.

4) Disciplined, sociable, easy-going, reliable, honest, tolerant, shy, clever, friendly, helpful, hard-working, tidy, responsible.

5) Sociable, generous, bed-tempered, selfish, talkative, energetic, aggressive, active, adventurous, emotional, hard-working, nervous.

6) Serious, disciplined, sociable, easy-going, reliable, honest, energetic, optimistic, active, clever, friendly, helpful, brave, hard-working, responsible.

Lesson 2


A. a dress: A smart red polka-dotted silk dress.

B. a belt: A black expensive leather belt.

C. a jumper: A bright woolen warm jumper.

D. a shirt: A cotton light checked shirt.

E. overalls: Dark casual cotton overalls.

F. a shirt: A bright silk flowery shirt.

G. a suit: A woolen dark striped suit.

H. a skirt: A patterned casual cotton skirt.

I. a blouse: A smart white plain silk blouse.

J. pants: Bright checker yellow and green pants.


1 – c; 2 – j: 3 – g; 4 – h; 5 – f; 6 – a; 7 – b; 8 – d; 9 – i; 10 – e.


1. I think that Lesia wears a red dress. Because she is a sociable, optimistic and romantic girl.

2. It seems to me a style of the tomboy suits Tetiana best. She wears dark casual cotton overalls. Tetiana has martial arts and can be aggressive.

3. As Oleksii is neat and adventurous the official style is the best for him. Therefore he can wear a dark suit.

4. By description Oleh wears a light shirt and checker pants. Because he is untidy and often forgetful.

5. 1 – e; 2 – j; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – f; 6 – a; 7 – g: 8 – i; 9 – d; 10 – h.

Lesson 3


1 – e; 2 – a; 3 – c; 4 – b; 5 – d; 6 – f.

Lesson 4


This hobby is very popular all over the world. People in China made kites 3,000 years ago. Egyptians and Japanese also made kites many years ago. Children in Europe played with them 1,000 years ago. A kite is made of wood and paper, cloth or plastic. It flies in the wind on a long string. There are kite festivals in many countries in the world. There you can see different kinds of them: Chinese kites are made of bamboo and paper, mostly dragon-shaped; flat kites – the oldest ones, they are usually diamond-shaped and have got tails, box kites made of wood; double kites made of two kites put together. There are kites made in the shape of animals or other things. They are fun kites; they are always bright. These festivals attract crowds of people. Many families come with children

1) I have several friends who go in for this hobby.

2) I have not even been to such a festival.

3) I think this hobby suits both girls and boys. But I am sure that boys can like it more.



1. – like to argue.

2. Boys don’t like to apologize.

3. Boys have strong opinions.

4. Boys like to work hard in class.

5. Girls to talk about other people.


6. – usually do their homework.

7. Girls don’t help with the housework.

8. Boys often forget things.

9. Girls don’t make noise in class.

10. – often help other students with their work.

Likes and dislikes

11. Boys like working with their hands.

12. Girls don’t like using computers.

13. Boys like doing mental arithmetic.

14. Girls like cooking.

15. Girls don’t like sport.

Survival in school

16. Boys sometimes get into trouble.

17. Girls don’t get into fights.

18. – sometimes break school rules.

19. Boys get a lot of different from the teacher.

20. – support their friends.


We are pupils from Class A. Please help us recycle things.

1 – d; 2 – b; 3 – b, a, c; 3 – e.

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Unit 1. Revision - ГДЗ з англійської

Unit 1. Revision