Unit 5. Sports

Unit 5. Sports

Lesson 1


All the newspaper headlines are about new mysteries alien gym.


For me “Alien Gym” is the best.


I think that the best sport for Antony would be running or swimming because it helps to stay in fit. All the more so he cannot afford buying expensive equipment. The best sport for Peter would be windsurfing and scuba diving because he loves anything to do with the sea. The best sport for David would be mountain climbing because he loves nature especially mountains.

Lesson 2


Fit and he>

Not fit: 1) until; 2) gets out of breath; 3) out of condition; 4) is lots of energy.

Lesson 3


Lose – програти,

Beat – розгромити, перемогти;

Opponent – суперник;

Tournament – турнір;

Semi-final – півфінал;


– нагорода;

Score – рахунок;

In a draw – внічию.


This article is about a football match.


Why are they called the Olympic Games?

How long do the Summer Olympic Games last?

There aren’t Winter Games, too, are there?

What do the five circles on the Olympic flag represent? When did the tradition of the Olympic flame begin? What happens at the Opening Ceremony?

Are the medals really made of gold, silver and bronze? What’s the motto of the Olympic movement?

1 – c; 2 – a; 3 – h; 4 – e; 5 – b; 6 – g; 7 – f; 8 – d.


1 – b; 2 – d; 3 – e; 4 – c; 5 – a.

Lesson 4


A) 1 – b; 2 – d; 3 – e; 4 – c; 5 – a.

B) 1- B; 2 – C; 3 – D; 4 – E; 5 – A.


1 – D, B; 2 – В; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – C; 6 – A.




1) Mountain climbing;

2) parachuting;

3) scuba diving;

4) boating.


1 – c; 2 – a; 3 – b.

Lesson 6



1) Sledges;

2) Skis;

3) Ice skates.


1 – B; 2 – E; 3 – C; 4 – F; 5 – A.

Lesson 7


1) True;

2) False;

3) False;

4) False.

Lesson 9


1) Fie is a racing driver, so he drives very quickly.

2) In the group there are good singes. They sing very sweetly.

3) I can easily understand this foreigner because he speaks very slowly.

4) The boxer is in good form. He trains regularly.


1) Talk quietly.

2) In case of fire walk slowly.

3) Drive carefully.

4) Shout not loudly.

5) Open carefully.

6) Read quickly.


One day a teacher read an interesting story to the class. It was a story of a man who easily swam a river three times before breakfast. Ail the pupils listened to the story attentively, but nobody asked any question and nobody said anything about it. But Johnny, one of the pupils, thought a little and smiled quietly. The teacher thought to himself, “Something is wrong with my story.”

Then he suddenly decided to ask Johnny a question “Do you think that a good swimmer could not do that?” asked the teacher. “Well”, answered Johnny quickly. “I think many strong people could do that. But why didn’t he make it four times? Why didn’t he get back to the side where his clothes were? He swam away from his clothes, didn’t he?” “Well”, answered the teacher slowly. “The

Story tells only about a man who swam a wide river three times. It doesn’t say anything about his clothes.”

Then the teacher said to the class: “You see, children, Johnny showed us that it’s very good to think carefully about what you have read or heard”.


Linda was getting ready for a competition in triathlon. Triathlon is one of the most difficult competitions in sports. It consists of a 1.5-kilometre swim, a 40-kilometre bicycle race, and a 10-kilometre run which are done without a break. Linda got up early every morning and trained hard as she wanted to be the best. First she went to the pool. She jumped highly into the air and then deeply into the water. She swam very fast and her trainer noted the time nervously. After the pool, she went straight to the stadium and practiced riding her bicycle. The last step was running. Linda could do it easily, so she didn’t train long. She came home very late and fell asleep really quickly.

Finally, the day of the competition came. Everyone was sure that Linda could do everything right. Her friends supported her loudly and she did her task very good. All her family and friends smiled happily when Linda became the winner.

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Unit 5. Sports - ГДЗ з англійської

Unit 5. Sports