Who is absent today?


2.3. Who is absent today?

Grammar Smart

Ex.1, p.58

1. have to

2. must

3. have to

4. must

5. has to

6. must

Ex.3, p.58

You mustn’t miss your lessons.

You have to say ‘ ‘I am sorry. May I come in. You will have to work hard.

You must tell your teacher about this. Word Smart

Blizzard to keep my perfect attendance at school. As I walked along the road show bit my face. I didn’t want to be tardy so I looked at my watch. I knew I must hurry. Finally the schoolhouse appeared. My teacher was very surprised when she saw me because there wasn’t any school that day because the weather was too bad.

Time to write

P. 62

Dear miss Jones!

My daughter had a toothache yesterday and I had to take her to dentist.

She will catch up with the class for sure. Thank you for


Ex.1b, p.59

For me school is the centre of my universe. I have to attend it every day from Monday till Friday. Sometimes I want to pretend to be ill because I can’t face my lessons. But I understand that I will lag behind if I skip classes. And it will be difficult to catch up with my class then. Besides I don’t want to fail my exams when I am in session.

Ex.2, p.59

What do you think about attending school regularly?

What are you reasons for staying home from school?

How do you catch up with your class after missing school?

Time to read

Ex.2, p.61

1. wrap

2. packed

3. unpacked

4. undress

5. done, undone

6. do

Ex.3, p.61

1. Why did mother make girl go to school in a blizzard?

2. Could the girl use the transport?

3. Were there any classes that day?

4. What did the girl try to look at?

5. Why did she look at her watch?

6. What did Mrs. Crawford do?

Time to communicate

Ex.1, p.62

That morning when I awoke there was a snowstorm. There was no chance that father could take me to school in the car. Surely Mother made me go out in this

Mrs. M. J. Gray

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Who is absent today?