Lesson 60


Lesson 60

1. Listen, read and remember the words.



Великдень, Паска

The Christ Resurrection

Христове Воскресіння

To make an effort

Робити спробу

The Passion service

Страсна відправа






Pussy willow

Верба (“котики”)

To bless



To tap



бити, стукати

High mass

Урочиста меса

Leaf lard

Шматок сала

To roast


Смажити, пекти

Suckling pig


Smoked meat

Копчене м’ясо









Продукти харчування



Серветка, маленький рушник

Willow Sunday

Вербна неділя

2. Find, read and write down the words.

 Lesson 60


3. Fill in the blanks with the words from exercise 1.

1. … is the feast of Christ Resurrection. 2. On the evening of Pure Thursday the… … is performed. 3. The people… one another with… branches repeating: “Be as tall as the…, as he>

4. Read the text.


I. Easter is the feast of Christ Resurrection.

It is celebrated according to the Lunar calendar on the first Sunday after the first spring full Moon. The Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches use the Julian calendar, so Easter in Ukraine does not coincide with Easter in Roman Catholic and Protestant countries. It is on a Sunday between the 4№ of April and the 8eh of May.

II. In Ukraine Easter has been celebrated over a long period of history and has had many rich traditions.

The week before Easter, the Great Week also known as the White or Pure Week During this time an effort is made to finish all field work before Thursday. On the evening of Pure Thursday the Passion service is performed, after which people return home with lighted candles. The last Sunday before Easter is called Willow Sunday. On this day willow branches are blessed in the church. The people tap one another with these branches repeating the blessing: “Be as tall as the willow, as he>

It should be said that snowball-trees as well as willows are dear to our people. There are many poems and songs about these trees in Ukraine.

III. Easter begins with the matins and high mass, during which the pasky (traditional Easter breads), pysanky and krashanky (decorated or coloured Easter eggs) are blessed in the church. Butter, leaf lard, cheese, roast suckling pigs, sausage, smoked meat, horseradish and other provisions are also blessed. After the matins the people exchange Easter greetings, give each other krashanky and then hurry home with their baskets of blessed food. Easter is a feast of joy and gladness. For three days people celebrate it. They often sing spring songs.

Easter is an important national holiday in Ukraine.

 Lesson 60

5. Find the answers to the questions on the text “Easter”.

1. What kind of feast is Easter?

2. When is Easter celebrated in Ukraine?

3. How is the week before Easter called?

4. How is the last Sunday before Easter called?

5. What do the people do with branches of willow on Willow Sunday?

6. What is blessed in the church on Easter?

7. How long do people celebrate Easter?

8. Is Easter a national holiday in Ukraine?

6. Supply the Past Perfect or Past Simple in the following sentences.

1. When I left the house, I… (realise) that I… (forget) my keys.

2. She was sad because she… (fail) the test.

3. I… (not laugh) at the joke because I… (hear) it before.

4. He… (leave) by the time I got there.

5. When I opened the safe, the money… (disappear).

6 Andrew… (do) the test before, so he… (find) it very easy

7. He… (can not) find his watch. He had lost it.

8. When he… (arrive) at the station, his train had already left.

9. When she was young, she… (dance) a lot.

10. When we arrived at the furniture shop, they… (sell) the table we… (want).

7. Look at the pictures, choose and write down the sentences from exercise 4 to describe these pictures.

 Lesson 60

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Lesson 60 - Англійська мова