Lesson 26


Lesson 26

1. Ask your classmate:

1. if he/she will spend his/her holidays at the sea; 2. if he/she will buy a new sweater in a week; 3 if he/she will go out with his/her friends tonight; 4. if his/her friends will play basketball tomorrow; 5. if his/her mother will work in the garden on Saturday; 6. if his/her cousins will play tennis on Sunday; 7. when his/her father will repair the bike; 8 what his/her friend will do in the evening; 9. who will help him/her with studies this year; 10. if his/her grandparents will come to see him/her on weekends.

2. Look at the exercise 1 again and say that they will not do that.

3. Look at the pictures of a man and woman and say what they wear.

 Lesson 26

4. Fill in the missing words.

Clothes, appearance, wears, jeans

1. My neighbour has a very unusual (1) … . He has a long fair hair and usually wears a pair of

(2) … and a T-shirt. His clothes are not suitable for working in bank. I am sure he washes his (3) … , because they are always clean and tidy. The funny thing is that his son is very fashionable. He always (4) … the latest styles, and almost never wears casual clothes.

5. Answer the questions about the father and son (exercise 4).

1. Why is the neighbour’s appearance unusual?

2. Why is he sure that the father always washes his clothes?

3. Are father’s clothes suitable for working in bank?

4. What kind of clothes is suitable for working in bank?

5. Who is very fashionable? Why do you think so?

6. Do you know the people who wear the latest styles?

7. Do you wear casual clothes?

6. Look at the picture. What can you say about the clothes the man wears? Does he wear the clothes that stand out in a crowd like?

 Lesson 26

7. Write some sentences about the style of clothes you wear. Explain the reasons you wear that style.

 Lesson 26

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Lesson 26 - Англійська мова

Lesson 26