Ex.1 p.72

The best inventions are a computer, an automobile-digital camera, a jet engine.

The worst inventions are a chewing gum, touch-up paint for hair. The most important invention to you in your daily life arc telephone, television, electricity and ball pert.

Ex.2 p.72

Send e-mails; do schoolwork; do shopping

Two more ideas: read different information, study the programming.

Ex.3 p.72

1. (D) different types of computer

2. (C) two main elements of a computer system

3. (F) the central idea of computing system

4. (B) the potential uses of computers

5. (G) personal use of computers

6. (H) the use of computers in education

7. (E) e-commerce

9. (A) the necessity of computer skills

Ex.4b p.74

1. A computer is an electronic machine which can be used to store, process

and display data.

2. There are different types of computer: a desktop, a laptop, a notebook, a subnotebook and a palmtop.

3. A computer system consists of two main elements: the machine and programmer, or hardware and software.

4. The central idea of a computing system is that input is processed into output.

5. The most common current uses of computers are personal, educational and commercial.

6. People use the internet to access food and services such as booking a holiday or a flight.

7. Computer users make contacts and keep in touch with people all over the world using e-mail or Internet telephony, send photos to family and friends through e-mail attachments.

8. HTML is the language which allows to create web pages.

9. A blog is a website where a user creates and regularly updates a journal that reflects the views of writer.

10. Students use word-processing programs to write essays and projects, presentations and databases.

11. VLE is a software system designed help teachers in the management of educational course for their students

by creating a virtual classroom.

12. Through its web site of company can offer computer users the opportunity to order and pay for goods and services using their credit cards on the Internet.

13. Computers enable users to make notes arrange appointments

And index details of business contacts.

14. Many career choices are inaccessible without computer shills.

Ex.5 p.74

1. CD

2. CD-ROM Drive

3. Floppy Drive

4. Tower Case

5. Screen/Monitor

6. Floppy Disk

7. Keyboard

8. Mouse

Ex.6 p.75

Input devices – keyboard, scanner, microphone, output devices – speakers, monitor, headphones, printer.

Ex.7 p.75

1. B

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. K

6. F

Ex.8 p.75

I have a computer at home.

I am a computer wizard.

I spend 3 hours at my computer every day.

I have access to the Internet.

I usually surf when I find more information. I surf from ten till thirty sites an hour.


Ex.1 p.76

1. an icon

2. a menu bar

3. a window

4. a desktop

5. a folder

6. a cursor

7. a menu

8. a program me

9. an attachment

10. a file

Ex.2 p.76

Files can be organized into subfolders and subdirectories or folders and directories. This allows the user to create categories for files which can be organized and accessed easily. It is possible to create and open files and folders, to save them, to rename them, to move them or copy them from one area to another. It is possible to compress or delete files so that, they use less space. This can be useful, for example, when sending files via e-mail. File compression programs such as WinZip can be used to do this.

Ex.3 p.76

1. Menu is a list of computer operations.

2. Icon is a small picture or symbol.

3. Word processor is a software for creating text files (e. g. Microsoft Word).

4. Click means to press and release the button on the mouse.

5. Cursor is a little arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse.


Ex.1b p.77

1. D

2. C

3. F

4. A

5. G

6. E

7. B

Ex.2 p.78

1. and 2. To show a clear and detailed picture of something you’d click on the icon – to zoom in

3. When you need to have a printed copy of an electronic document you should click on the icon – to print it out

4. When you need to move down/up a webpage or other document on a computer screen, then click on the icon – to scroll up or down to the top of the page

5. Would you like to access e-mail? Then click on the icon – to pick up your e-mail

Ex.3 p.78

1. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the data you want.

2. On these disks you’ll find a backup of the data connected with the project.

3. If you find it hard to see the detail in the picture, zoom in so you can see more. Then dick on the same icon again to zoom out and the picture will back to normal size.

4. >

5. I logged in to this new website last night. Let me give you the address so that you can check it out.

Ex.4 p.78

1. It took ages to print the whole report out. (C)

2. Henry went into a cyber cafe in Bangkok to pick up his e-mails. (D)

3. For security reasons, always log out when you leave your computer unattended for any period of time. (C)

4. Mark was very upset when he realized that someone had hacked into his computer. (C)

5. His secretary is very quick at keying in data. (D)

6. The ability to zoom in is particularly useful when you are working on detailed diagrams. (B)


Ex.2p. 79

How can you meet new people? – I can meet new people in the World Wide Web. Where can you get the latest news? – I can get the latest news in the World Wide Web.

Where can you order a meal? – I can order a meal in the World Wide Web. Can you find a job in the World Wide Web? – Yes, I can. 1 can find a job in the World Wide Web.

Where do you go shopping? – I go shopping only in the World Wide Web.

Can you make travel plans and buy the tickets in the World Wide

Web? – Yes, I can.

Where do you see online films? – I see online films in the World Wide Web.

Ex.3 p.79

You need four things a computer with hard disk, a modem, software and service provider.

Ex.4 p.79

Internet is a network of communication and information.

It operates globally.

You can access information easily and immediately messages on different systems.

You can send instantly on e-mail.

You can send and read messages with it. You can access other computers. The basic Internet software kit should consist of a dialer. A dialer is a program me to get you logged in, or connected, with your provider.

For e-mail you need a programme which searches information on the net.

Ex.5 p.79

1. What brand is your computer? – My computer has a brand Asus.

2. What as the operating system of your computer? – Windows XP La the operating system of my computer.

3. Which Web browser does your computer use? – My computer uses the Opera.

4. How many buttons are there on your mouse? – Mv mouse has three buttons.

5. Does your computer have a CD-ROM drive? – Yes, it has.

6. How often do you write e-mail letters? – I write two letters every day.

7. Are you a member of any chat group? – No. I am not a member of any chat group.

8. What else can you use the Internet for? – I use the Internet for getting the news and different information.


Ex.1a p.80

World Wide Web is another name for the Internet.

Ex.1b p.80

The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network that consists of millions of smelter domestic, academic, business, and government networks. It is an information resource where you can find various information and collection of services. It is also a communication system. E-mail is an important communications service available on the Internet. It is a community of users. There are a huge number of communities online every day in the Internet.

Ex.2 p.81

There are many websites of different speci>

I have got a couple of favourite websites. They are good for studying and communication. My favourite website is www. english-hilfen. de. It is useful for studying English grammar. It contains texts, images, sound files and grammar tables. This website is well-decorated. It offers interesting on-line exercises of different levels.

Ex.3 p.81

1. The cyber cafe is a network of several computers where everyone can log in the Internet for some paying. No, I haven’t ever been to one.

2. Yes, I do. I know how to send an e-mail.

3. I usually visit sites with latest news.

4. Yes, I do, I chat online every evening.

5. No, I don’t.

6. Yes, it does.

7. Yes, I do. Last time I bought the new books on the Internet,

8. Young people use the Internet for their entertainments.

9. Hacker is a person in one of several distinct (but not completely

Disjoint) communities and subcultures; a community of enthusiast computer programmers and systems designers, the hobbyist home computing community and people committed to circumvolution of computer security. A computer virus is a computer program that can copy it self and infect a computer. Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a network system or a Hie system that is accessed by another computer.

10. Many people find the Internet to be the ideal place to socialize with others because of its faceless medium and effortless ways to find others with similar interests; through the many ways of communication over the internet, the common prejudices of life are not evident,

11. Yes, of course In the Internet I can shop online, research products, read the news, watch different videos play games, keep in touch with friends family.


Ex.1 p.82

1. You can publish your web pages by upload them to the web server.

2. If you want to find out more about phrasal verbs, you should pool a message to the www. >

3. You can download the software from our weft site.

Ex.2a p.82

1. C

2. E

3. A

4. B

5. D

Ex.2b p.82

1. My mobile phone isn’t working – I need to charge it up.

2. Would the last person to leave the room, please, turn off the lights?

3. When I tried to switch on my computer in the morning, nothing happened.

4. Can you turn up the TV? I can hardly hear what the actors are saying.

5. The computer isn’t working because you haven’t witched it on. You can plugged it in the wall there.

Ex.3 p.82

Current events; World Wide Web; e mail message; surfing the net; download information; web sites; computer screen

Ex.4 p.83

Surf the web – read the latest news E-mail – get the letters with an attachment Board games – lotto

Computer games – logical, shooting, strategy games

Hang out at the cafe – play games, meet new people “

Ex.7a p.84

Www. intercafe. co. uk

Name – Intercafe

Location – Preston, England

Business Hours – 10 am – 8 pm Monday to Saturday,

1.2 am – 8 pm Sunday

Internet Connection Cost – two shillings in hour

Food – snacks and sandwiches

Drinks – hot/cold

Hardware – 15 high end gaming PC’s for use on the internet or for playing our large selection of names, Xbox36Q Elite playing on a 42, HDTV complete with 2 leather gaming chairs

Software – System, Application

Computer Games – Crysis, Call-Of – Duty 4. Battlefield, Command Conquer, Bioshock Training is present


Ex.1 p.88

Do you send e-mails? – Yes, I do. I send e-mails.

Is sending e-mails your primary way of written communication? – Yes, it is. It is my primary way of written communication.

If you send e-mails, who are they usually for? – My e-mails are

Usually for my friends who live in other countries. What are they about? – In my letters I tell about my life.

Do you agree with the claim that e-mail will become the principal way of communication among people? – Yes, I agree.

Can you think of any disadvantages of e-mails? – There are some disadvantages of e-mails. The sender could send viruses and malware through attachments if recipient doesn’t scan it. A long e-mail could cause the recipient to lose interest and stop reading the e-mail >

Ex.2 p.86

1. C

2. A

3. B

Ex.3 p.87

E-mail: [email protected] ru Password: geneva333

Ex.5b p.88

1. g

2. b

3. c

4. e

5. j

6. f

7. a

8. h

9. d

10. i

Ex.7a p.89

Dear friend.

Next week I’ll be in London on a business trip. I should like to meet you one evening while I am in London. I’ll inform you about the day and the time later.

See you

Pavel Dyachenko

Ex.7b p.89

Dear Sirs.

I’d like to apply for the course at the School of English. Please inform me about application procedure and the fees. I also kindly ask you to send me a copy of application form and list of required documents. If there is a web-site of the School of English available I will be glad to have its address.

I am looking for the hearing from you

Best wishes

Pavel Dyachenko


Ex.1 p.90

1. C

2. B

3. E

4. A

5. F

6. B

Ex.2 p.90

1. What was mainly used by scientists?

2. What don’t you need to send e-mail?

3. What have they already got?

4. What isn’t it?

5. Who does like sending e-mails to his friend?

6. How can I pay for ray ticket?

7. What is so exciting?

8. What won’t she download?

Ex.2 p.90

1. Information technology is now beginning to have much more influence on education.

2. The word blog is short for Weblog..

3. A blog is an online diary or ‘log, of someone’s life, though is, or opinions.

4. Some universities even give their students and. staff free apace on a server to start their own blogs.

5. ‘Wiki’ means, for ‘What I Know is’,

6. Anyone can add content and make changes.

7. Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia, which has more than 1 million entries in over 100 languages.

8. Wikipedia is working hard to make sure that information is completely accurate, so students will be able to use it with confidence, and there’s no doubt that it is a’ incredible resource.

Ex.4 p.91

You can follow the latest world news, find out about BBC World Service radio programmes and links quizzes and songs lyric at www. bbe. eo. uk

You can use a variety of online dictionaries download at www. bbc. co. com

The British Council has a website where you can find variety of game activities and a list of resources suitable both for adults and younger learners at www. learnenglish. org. uk

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