Lesson 35


Lesson 35

1. Listen, read and remember the words and word combinations.

Team sports

Командні види спорту

Individual sports

Індивідуальні види спорту

Outdoor activities

Види діяльності на свіжому повітрі

Indoor games

Ігри в приміщенні

Play the piano

Грати на фортепіано

Go on an excursion

Їхати на екскурсію

2. Make up sentences using the table. Write them down in your exercise book.

Team sports Individual sports Outdoor activities Indoor games




puzzles, card games.

Collecting coins, stamps, labels.

Knitting, embroidery, sewing, dancing, singing.

Football, basketball, volleyball, hockey.

Boxing, tennis, badminton, skating, skiing, aerobics.

Fishing, hiking, gardening,

Walking the dog.

3. Work in pail’s. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Is collecting coins a hobby?

2. Are boxing and tennis individual sports?

3. Is gardening an outdoor activity?

4. Are dancing and singing leisure time activities?

5. Are hockey and basketball team sports?

6. Is knitting an indoor activity?

7. Is chess an indoor game?

4. Make up sentences using the table.







Is fond of

Goes in for

Takes up








Collecting labels.

5. Work

in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Do you enjoy dancing?

2. Are you fond of aerobics?

3 You don’t go fishing, do you?

4. Do you like gardening?

5. Are you fond of hiking?

6. You enjoy collecting coins, don’t you?

7. You hate knitting, don’t you?

8. What is your hobby? Why do you enjoy it?

9. What do you hate doing?

10. What are you fond of?

11. What do you like doing in your free time?

6. Say as in the model.

Model: Kate is fond of taking photos.

I am fond of taking photos too. / I am not fond of taking photos.

1. My friends are fond of dancing.

2. My father is fond of fishing.

3. Our English teacher is fond of hiking.

4. His elder brother is fond of driving a car.

5. Nick and Mike are fond of going on excursions.

6. My Mathematics teacher is fond of painting.

7. My mother is fond of sewing.

8. My classmates are fond of football.

9. His girlfriend is fond of dancing.

10. Tom and Jane are fond of skating.

7. Make some notes about yourself. Use the ideas below and add more ideas of your own. Present the information to class.

1. Sports and hobbies

I play a little___________________

I used to play______________ but now_________________

I like to go___________________ (+ verb with – ing)

I collect___________________

2. Cultural interests and holidays

(books) I like___________________

(music) I like___________________

(films) I like____________________

(magazines) I like___________________

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Lesson 35 - Англійська мова

Lesson 35