Цілі: вдосконалювати лексичні навички й навички читання; вдосконалювати навички аудіювання й говоріння; розвивати логічне мислення; виховувати інтерес і повагу до світових цінностей мистецтва.



1) Do you like modern art?

2) What do you think of installation art?

3) Do you ever think a lot of art is not really art?

4) What kind of art do you like – paintings, sculpture, ceramics, etc.?

2. Reading and writing

Read the text and write down the forms of art which are mentioned there. Then add some more that you’ve known during the lessons.


The practice and study of arts have shown us that there are different types of art. As the study of arts is developing more and branches and types of art are

being discovered and included in the field of studies. Today, we have different types of artists and the only way to explain the existence of different types of artists is because of the existence of different kinds of arts. However, it is not always easy to classify arts into its different types. It can be tricky to do that. However, here, an attempt is made to classify visuals art into different forms.

One of the types of art that you should know is painting. It is the type of art work that is used to show the beauty of creation. It could also be said to be one of the types of art work which the artist uses to express his or her feelings. Artists also use painting to show the environment they know. Basically, it is that type of art in which pigments is used on a surface such as paper, wood panel, canvas and wall. There are different tools that are used for painting. Apart from the paint itself, brush is the commonest tool that can be used for painting.

One of the popular types of arts today that you should know is sculpture. It is a type of art in which hard materials such as rocks,

plastic, clay or wood is used to create three dimensional arts. There are two different processes that are involved in sculpture, namely, carving and assembling of the carved work. Sculpture and painting as types of art can also be combined in one art piece. An artist can decide to paint his work after carving them. Just as there are different types of painting, there are also different types of art sculpture.

One of the types of art that we are conversant with is photography. In this type of art, images and pictures are created using different types light patterns. The light patterns are able to capture objects when they are emitted in such a manner that they reflect on the object. In this type of art, the camera plays important role. The objects are captured through the lens of the camera. There are also other types of art that are not mentioned here. These are few popular ones.

3. Speaking

1) Why is painting and art so important to us?

2) What style or period of painting / art do you like?

3) What forms, techniques and materials do you prefer?

4) Are you good at doing something interesting / unusual?

4.Reading and speaking

Do ex. 4, p. 188.

5. Speaking

Do ex. 5, p. 189.

6. Reading and speaking

Do ex. 6, p. 189.

7. Reading and writing

Read the article about the Chinese art and write the similar one about the Ukrainian art.


The huge area of the country of China has also highly influenced the art and architecture of this country. The Chinese arts are also different because of the cultural influence, due to the rule of the different dynasties. There are various forms of art which are in practice in China like, fine arts, performance arts and folk arts.

Art in China began its journey from the Neolithic era. In the rule of the Shang Dynasty bronze was used to make many items. The Shang dynasty is not only famous for the beautiful bronze structure and also for the literature, music and poetry. One most important aspect of Chinese art is porcelain which gave China world wide fame.

In the 1st century AD with the coming of Buddhism in China, the art of calligraphy and painting flourished highly in China. Much calligraphy was done on the Chinese silks especially for royal courts. The sculpture and architecture which was influenced by Buddhism began in the Sui and Tang dynasty. There was also influence from India which was reflected in the art and architecture of the Tang dynasty.


China has a very rich culture and heritage and these are depicted well in the folk arts of this Asian country. The art and craft of China are in harmony with the everyday life of the people of China, their spirituality and aesthetic value. The value of the Chinese folk arts is still very much intact till date.


Painting in China had evolved since the ancient era and it was first to evolve in China than the rest of the world. The first paintings in China can be seen since the Stone Age. The two main branch of Chinese painting are ‘meticulous’ and ‘freehand’. The era of drawing the human figures began in the Han dynasty and ended during the time of the Tangs. However, according to many the best Chinese paintings were the depiction of the landscapes. Some of famous artists of China are Jing Hao, Guo Xi, Fan Kuan. With the new cultural movement the Chinese artists have adopted the western techniques in their works. But the significant of old forms of Chinese painting are still very much alive and admired.

8. Speaking

Do ex. 7, p. 191.

9. Summary

Architecture, Ukrainian music, literature, dramatic art, pictorial art, films… What other forms of art do we have in our culture?

Have we got any special forms which characterized our country as unique?

10. Homework

Do ex. 9, p. 191.

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