Цілі: вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення й читання; розвивати культуру спілкування й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати естетичний смак і загальну культуру учнів.


1. Warm-up

Do ex. 1, p. 121.

2. Listening

Listen to the text about museums and answer the questions.

1) Where are usually famous museums concentrated?

2) What types of art galleries are there?

3) What else except paintings can we see in art museums?

4) Why are museums so important?

5) What is the best way to learn the history of any country?

There are literally thousands of art galleries all over the world. Almost every city has an art gallery but there are some art galleries that are known all

around the world. People will travel across the world just to see some of these famous art galleries and the master pieces that they house inside.

Probably the most famous art gallery in the world is ‘The Louvre’ in Paris. The most famous piece of art in the Louvre is the Mona Lisa, by Leo­nardo Da Vinci. This famous painting is kept under high security as it tops the list of art thieves the world over. The Louvre also houses many other famous paintings by Da Vinci and hundreds of other famous artists.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, is a renowned loca­tion for beautiful art masterpieces. This museum has an impressive assort­ment of American paintings. In addition to these, it also has paintings and statues by famous artists such as Botticelli, Raphael, and El Greco. This makes it a global museum.

London has an amazing gallery known as The National Gallery. This gallery boasts of some of the finest examples of European art, including paintings by Raphael, Manet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Renoir, and Monet. This gallery has a very large number of paintings

and some of the most famous ones are: Sunflowers, by Vincent van Gogh, The Virgin of the Rocks, by Leonardo Da Vinci, and Venus and Mars, by Sandro Botticelli.

Not all galleries across the world are homes to the old masters. Many of them offer representations from the twentieth century. Among the most famous contemporary art galleries and museums is the George Pompidou Center in Paris. The architecture is unique as well, since the piping and ducts are on the outside, rather than being hidden behind walls.

Contemporary art galleries and museums typically feature not only paintings, drawings, and prints, but exhibits of furniture, sound, light, and even music. Visiting these galleries can be a fascinating visit through the past few decades and shows how much style and taste has changed.

Most of the major European cities are home to at least a national and a contemporary gallery. Usually there are also private galleries. Any time you visit a major metropolitan area, be sure to include the galleries in your itinerary. It’s a wonderful way to learn about a country and its cultures. History and its changes are reflected in the art on display.

If you plan on buying some art pieces, you won’t be able to do so at the national galleries. You can however visit private galleries in your pursuit of owning some major works. These probably won’t include Renoir’s or Van Gogh’s, but you will find many wonderful pieces that you’ll be able to call your own. Art auctions are often held at Christie’s and other art hous­es. This is another way of obtaining some incredible works of art.

Art as an expression of our culture, thought process and creativity has no parallel. Viewing these masterpieces in an art gallery transposes the viewer into the mind and time of the creator who has shaped our culture.

3. Speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 120.

4. Reading and speaking

Do ex. 3, p. 120.

5. Speaking

Do ex. 4, p. 121.

> Practise the new vocabulary.

Find the new words in the descriptions of museums and translate the sentences with them. Fill in the gaps with the new words (Word File p. 121)

1) The Van Gogh Museum will ___ 135 of his paintings. (Display)

2) The curriculum ___ courses in art history. (Include)

3) This ___ dates from the 17th century. (Exhibit)

4) The museum has over 5,000 ___ of historical interest. (Item)

5) The museum ___ a number of original artworks. (Contain)

6) The guidebook ___ a great choice of interesting places which are worth visiting. (Include)

7) The Van Gogh ___ the world auction price record of $ 82.5m. (Hold)

8) Our new art gallery displayed some unusual ___ last week. (Exhibit)

6. Summary

Would you become really intelligent if you spent a year wandering through museums?

7. Homework

Write a short paragraph about museums in your city.

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